MRT Testing and LEAP Nutrition Therapy-Call for Pricing


MRT Testing and LEAP Nutrition Therapy-Call for Pricing


MRT (Mediator Release Test) bloodwork to be completed at a lab near you. The kit will be shipped to you and you will return to the lab when ready.

Your personalized test results will be sent to you when completed including an educational booklet,

Included in the plan are nutrition counseling to individualize the phases of the meal plan for your specific needs. Initial consultation will be done prior to blood test.

Consult 1-Phase 1 Immunocalm diet consultation will be completed once results have been received. Approximately 45-60 minutes.

Consult 2- 8-10 days after starting immunocalm diet to review symptom survey and made any necessary changes

Consult 3- 4-5 weeks after starting immunocalm diet to begin Phase 6. Approximately 45-60 minutes

Consult 4-1-2 months after consult 3 to monitor symptoms survey and made adjustments to diet as needed

Consult 5- 6 months after beginning of program to assess results and make recommendations for future maintenance

Unlimited email access during your time on the Immunocalm diet as well as access to private Facebook group.

Counseling available on the phone and/or HIPPA compliant video conferencing

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